Arc has four locations - 

Dunedin, North-West, Auckland 

and now online


The Bases are a gathering point for the Arc Tribe, a nest to bring harvest,

a base for Sons of YHVH to gather, to grow, to train and be developed. 

A place to build together a habitation of the divine nature of the  Kingdom & Glory of YHVH, personally, corporately & geographically.


We are building a Glory, Kingdom and Sonship culture.  

Part of our mandate is to create, in a geographical place, an environment of the

manifested Glory and evidence of the Kingdom of YHVH.

A continual abiding of the Fire of YHVH and the Winds of Holy Spirit to

develop and bring to manifestation the Sons of YHVH,

birthed from that place of corporate intimacy with the Father.

Out of this place in Him we become instruments of His way, to see our Nation

and the Nations come into a habitation of YHVH.

Where restoration, reformation and revolution take place.

Our desire is that each regional base will have 24hrs praise, sonship development,

 training schools, Arc Production Studios, Governmental Worship School, Lions Breath internships, and Kingdom training and worship conferences/events.

These are geographical zones of a continual abiding of the Kingdom and Glory presence of Christ for society to experience the reality of the nature of Yeshua, bringing transformation.

These bases are geographical arc points that work together to

co-create and build a habitation of YHVH for the recalibration/reforming/restoring of the nations in all creation in the Glory of Yeshua

 According to the Fathers perfect unwavering design.


Sundays at 4pm

Experiencing the reality of His Glory Presence


Arc Tribe meets on Thursday nights for Sonship Training. 

This is for those who want to position themselves with Arc's fathering team to grow in becoming as He is.


Friday nights 8 til late Worship 

Most Friday nights, notification of changes will be on Fb.

Absolutely no agenda except to Praise Him, Worship Him and create a place

of a constant  abiding habitation of His glory presence.

Open to all, come and go as you please.

Our facility has two entrances: 14 Carroll St, Dunedin Central, Dunedin 9016

and 31 Stafford St.

The carpark and easy access ramp is off the Stafford entrance


 Sunday 4pm 

Ellen Melville Centre 2 Freyberg St City


Arc Tribe meets on Wednesday nights for Sonship Training. 

This is for those who want to position themselves with Arc's fathering team to

grow in becoming as He is.


Whanganui - Rangitikei - Manawatu - Horowhenua

Arc Tribe meets on Monday nights for Sonship Training. 

This is for those who want to position themselves with Arc's fathering team to

grow in becoming as He is.

If you are interested in becoming part of the ARC TRIBE, and you want to postition yourself intentionally in an environment that will challange and cultivate your relationship 

with YHVH, then send us an email and we can catch up.

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