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As you know we changed the dates for Zeal Out of Another Realm, from 2020 to 2021. 

However we have felt like things have still been up in the air, and we have been unsure about a couple of things. 

To organise a gathering/conference with international guests and international registrations, at this stage with boarders still closed and not looking like they will be open for a while yet, it leaves things in the air a bit to much in regards to organising an international conference with international registrations.


Also, as a tribe we have continued in a mighty sovereign move with Father, with a completion of a cycle, which is having national impact and seeing a greater Glory released, we have moved forward quite dramatically.




We are cancelling ZEAL all together and won't be organising another

ZEAL Out of Another Realm until all international boarders are open

and on the direction of Father. 

We haven’t made this decision lightly or flippantly,

it has been a journey of midrashing with Father, 

weighing up what we were feeling and stepping in to this direction. 

Once made, we knew it was the right thing to do, and internal

and external confirmations followed.



This also frees up the speakers to be able to organise their own itinerary and 

conferences in their own nations at this time.



HOWEVER, we do see the need to gather as a tribe and Nation as Father has spoken quite clearly about a specific gathering, particularly in light of the recent massive movement we have been having and are in. 

So we are putting a national gathering together called 'CONVERGENCE.’ 



This will be for the whole Tribe and anybody in New Zealand,

and if the bubble between Australia and

New Zealand happens then the Aussies are most welcome as we are all one.



Speakers will be Ian Clayton, Kirsti Lomani and Leon Kelly & Rowan Kelly.

It will be in the Whanganui/Manawatu area - the place of the CONVERGENCE! 

The completion of the forth movement in the first cycle, (wow, wow!).



CONVERGENCE 25th - 28th February 2021

This is very significant for our journey, for NZ and the Earth. 

We are following the Cloud and Fire.



As for the current ZEAL registrations, we can either refund you or

if you are keen to be part of

CONVERGENCE we can transfer your payment to that registration.

Please let us know what you prefer.


If are registered for ZEAL you should have received an email from us,

If you haven't received an email, check your Junk box and/or email us