We have been on an awesome journey.

A revolution has been unfolding for a number of years now.

It has been coming into the forefront and is about to increase dramatically.


It is leading us more and more into the Divine Nature of Sonship and the Ways of our Father (YHVH).

Changing the government of what we live out of and the repositioning into heavens base.

A couple of years ago, during one of the ZEAL gatherings, the sound from the deep was released, and then the upper waters broke open and since then there has been an increase of the sound of the waters coming forth into this realm.This is bringing spiritual governmental change and an acceleration in the movement in the Earth that transitions us to live from another realm.


We are all apart of this as the waters break open within us as well.

We are One in YHVH, as Sons of God:

Rev 5:9-10 And they sung a new song"You are worthy to take the scroll, and to open

its seals, for you were slain, and have redeemed us to YHVH out of every kindred and 

tongue, and people, and Nation; And have made us a Kingdom of priests to our

God, and we shall reign as kings in the Earth.......! 

Our face is towards His face ministering unto Him, and as we walk this realm we reign as Divine Kings.

The sound of many waters flooding the earth!


ZEAL Out of Another Realm is an environment that will draw out the divine nature of Yeshua through you, and reposition what you live out of, taking us into a greater Glory for a greater manifestation on earth.


We have had ZEAL in Dunedin four times And now this year we are having it in Auckland.

It has been fantastic in Dunedin and more and more people in this Nation are transitioning into the more.

We are in a global move and Holy Spirit has directed us to have ZEAL in Auckland this year  2020.

We will be limiting seats to 250 registrations. This is strategic and we would like all those who have been to ZEAL previously, to participate for the purpose of taking part in establishing an environment of pursuit in Him, and join as ONE to build and see this Nation, as well as the Earth continue to grow in the Divine Nature of Christ and into a greater habitation of Glory.


If you have been to a ZEAL,

your participation is very important for the building of this in this nation!


LETS DO THIS together as the Ecclesia for our Father,

the Nation and the Nations of the Earth!


Let's join together and see the sound of many waters continue to come forth.

This changes everything!

Registration $65 per person

Buy now via Paypal or you can pay at the door or via internet banking.

 ARC 06-0911-0200425-50   Code : ZEAL  Reference : YOUR NAME/S  

Use the contact box to email us with your details.

 When payment is received we will reply with confirmation.

Starts 9:30 am Thursday


Mt Albert War Memorial Hall Auckland

Cnr Wairere Ave & New North Rd, Mt Albert

Session times

Any questions? Feel free to email us at contact@arc.org.nz

See you there!

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