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Father has spoken quite clearly about a specific gathering, 

particularly in light of the recent massive movement we have been having and are in. 

So we are putting a national gathering together called 'CONVERGENCE.’ 


See Leon's word in the prophetic blog page regarding this.

With the completion of what we call the fourth movement in the one cycle,

we can move to the next degree of a greater manifestation of the Glory,

the seven Spirits of YHVH for bringing forth the manifested Sons, the building and developing of the One New Man,

and recreating Heaven and Earth.

This has set up a geographical glory governmental platform/gateway

bringing a whole new release. 

We can now move forward in the revolution and see the One New Man emerge

to see the Oracles, another dimension of light being released in the earth to accelerate the process for this realm to become the likeness of YHVH. 

This gathering will be for the whole ArcTribe and anybody in New Zealand.

If the bubble between Australia and

New Zealand happens, then the Aussies are most welcome!

We are so excited and in awe of what Father has established and released!

Speakers are Ian Clayton, Kirsti Lomani and Leon Kelly & Rowan Kelly.

It will be in the Whanganui/Manawatu area - the place of the CONVERGENCE! 

The completion of the forth movement in the first cycle, (wow, wow!).

 Palmerston North will be the best place to look for accomodation.

Venue for Convergence will be confirmed.


CONVERGENCE 25th - 28th February 2021

This is very significant for our journey, for NZ and the Earth. 

Ian Clayton

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For 24 years Ian has pursued and desired the reality of a relationship, "To know God and be known by Him". his type of intimacy has lead to a deeper insatiable desire to uncover more of who God is and to know more about his realm and Kingdom, often revealing Gods desire for us to walk on the ancient paths with Him and experience life with Him in His Kingdom and realm.

Kirsti Lomani

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Kirsti is a passionate lover of Yeshua.

She has been with Leon & Rowan for over 15yrs and has a very real and deep relationship with YHVH .

She is an amazing seer and instructor of the ways of Eternity.

Who is devoted to see mankind and creation come into the fullness of Christ.


Leon & Rowan Kelly

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Leon and Rowan are passionate and uncompromising in their devotion and pursuit of YHVH and His Likeness. If you want to know any more about them turn up or tune into one of their gatherings as it is very hard to explain otherwise.

convergence poster background only.jpg
convergence poster background only.jpg

Any questions feel free to get hold of us at contact@arc.org.nz

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